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A nice little Saturday planned

by Garrett

I started the day by taking my son over to my parents house so he could spend time with “grumps” his favorite person in the world. I then headed up to Echo reservoir and met my swim coach. It was cutting it a bit close because I left St. George yesterday after the Killing Sacred Cows event just after 8 pm. Fortunately my new assistant Ray was able to drive and allow me to recover on our way home. Actually part of cutting it close was making sure that I had wet suit. I had sent Ray to get me a wet suit earlier in the week, but the vendor wouldn’t sell one because I wasn’t there to try it on. Well…we went on the lunch break of the Curriculum For Wealth and I exchanged my business suit for a wet suit in the changing room and then got back into the business suit and to the event just in time.

The reason I share the side note is that sometimes it just takes doing things out of the ordinary to get something done. It is going beyond reasons. Too often we get so caught up in being reasonable, but all extraordinary things take going beyond our reasons or what I might call being “unreasonable”.

So, I went to Echo, put on my wet suit and completed the swim. There were a few times of scarcity where a thought popped into my mind that went something like “I could really drown,” but I choose not to give those thoughts attention. This open water swimming was a new experience for me. It was a way of facing and diminishing another level of fear with swimming. Really, the trip created some excitement for next Saturday with the actual triathlon.

One of the nice things about the drive to and from the reservoir was being able to listen to an audio book. I am currently listening to “A Happy Pocket Full of Money.” This book is great because it goes into Quantum Physics, which is a topic I am fascinated by, but admittedly perplexed at times by it. Overall this book seems like a good combination of my teachings combined with the specialty of Steve D’Annunzio (my business partner in The Prosperity Paradigm and The Spiritual FastTrack).

After the swim and the drive home I was able to visit with a few friends at my house, but then was off to pick up my son and have a bit of a photo shoot. I thought it would be a good idea to get some pictures of my parents and their grandkids (my son and niece) in the home that I bought for them. These pictures will be on the site soon in their own section.

Now I am home just relaxing and rotating between spending some time with my wife and writing this. We are heading back up to our cabin and attending a rodeo in Oakley, Utah. My wife has bought a cowboy outfit for my son and I will be wearing my cowboy boots (as I do about once a year).

We will be going with some friends from college. Brandon Allen, now COO of the Accredited Network, and his family. It is interesting that many of my friends married women that were great friends with my wife. There really is something special about the group of friends that I met in college. Many of us are in the same fraternity- Sigma Chi. Actually, I have three of them working right outside my office. Dorian and Brandon are on my executive team and Allen is the office manager for Engenuity SLC. Quite often we hear not to do business with family and friends. The same people say never to hire family or friends, but when there is a commitment principle and production, I see no reason why this advice makes sense.

In Prosperity

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