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We are Wealth Factory, and Freedom FastTrack is our main program, built to help simplify your personal financial life and help you achieve Economic Independence.

Freedom FastTrack, simply put, is a results based/implementation based one-on-one program, allowing you to keep more of what you make, and organize your finances in a comprehensive way so you can save time and significant money.

This breaks down into the financial portion, the Financial FastTrack, and the business, entrepreneurial portion, the Business FastTrack.

As you might imagine, most members start out with the Financial FastTrack to gain clarity,  stability, confidence, and identify resources previously  unavailable to them.

If you want to actually DO what you’re reading about on this site – and if you want to complete that implementation and transformation as quickly and efficiently as possible – then Financial FastTrack is for you.

There are plenty of financial advisors selling products or coaching programs offering a massive amount of information.   Plus available in the marketplace are what seems to be an unlimited amount of data for people to improve their productivity and knowledge around business.

Freedom FastTrack is designed to eliminate the complexities surrounding gathering and knowing which information to apply by tailoring the program directly to you with an entire team working for you to insure efficient implementation.

This means not only do you get the information directly related to your situation therefore empowering you in your financial choices, there is also a team of  hand-selected and trained financial strategists.  The core of the program comes from the network of financial professionals that all subscribe to and abide by guiding financial principles and ideas and is reinforced by supporting tools through on-demand coaching videos, trained affilliates, and through events held and produced by the company.