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Garrett B. Gunderson

Garrett B. Gunderson

A passionate entrepreneur, Garrett B. Gunderson has dedicated his life to empowering others by the same economic principles that have blessed his life.

Freedom FastTrack is a direct result of this desire to see others live wealthy by aligning with  the economic principles to freedom that the rest of the financial industry does it’s best to keep outside the reach of most people.

Although Garrett achieved business success early in life, he also ran headlong into the  inconsistencies and gaping holes of much conventional financial advice when he found the very thinking he was taught by the mainstream financial industry was actually a hindrance to wealth creation.

It was only when he studied the actual principles that real entrepreneurs and businessmen use to create wealth that he had his biggest breakthrough successes — the very principles which would later become the core teachings in the Financial FastTrack program.


Asked the motivation behind his passion for teaching his financial principles, Garrett said:

Garrett Gunderson and Family“I’m passionate about finances because I’m passionate about the human spirit, about our ability to create, to produce, to innovate, and to experience joy and fulfillment. Unfortunately, there are many amazing people with powerful and important gifts, but they may be limited by myths in their financial lives. My ultimate hope is that Freedom FastTrack will help unleash the power of the individuals who apply the principles, implement the strategies and express their Soul Purpose.

“The message is unique in that it blends the empowerment of the self-improvement industry with the technicality of the financial  industry. When readers can make the connection between their finances and their societal contributions, we will see phenomenal breakthroughs and increased productivity.  And as people begin to prosper more–under the correct definition–we will see more happiness and abundance in the world.”

Garrett is the founder of Freedom FastTrack and developed the relationships in The Accredited Network and is the author of the Nightingale Conant program New Rules to Get Rich.   He resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife Carrie and sons Breck and Roman.

Killing Sacred Cows

Through learning from mistakes, questioning the broken financial system, and dedicating himself to finding the principled way to lasting prosperity, Garrett has established himself as the foremost expert in bringing purpose to personal finance, Garrett Gunderson realized the pervasive and destructive money myths were holding many people hostage. Garrett questioned retirement plans and exposed them as the limiting vehicle that they are with this revolutionary book.

With a passion for helping others achieve personal freedom and new levels of prosperity, he wrote this penetrating book to expose the myths and provide a refreshing alternative to the worn-out, predictable advice touted in the media and from traditional financial planners. Not surprisingly, many other experts concur with Garrett’s bold advice.

In a book that Publishers Weekly compares to the classic Think & Grow Rich, and calls“thought-provoking, fresh, eye-opening and emboldening,” scores of readers are learning how to unleash their potential and prosper in ways they never thought possible.

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