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Core Principles

Core Principles

Accelerating Money

Think about that. Why are institutions and advisors telling you to do one thing with your money and they do another? Because you’re buying it. And it’s making them gobs of money. One of the most profound mental adjustments we make in our members here at Freedom FastTrack is teaching them how to make money by the same rules the institutions use, not the ones they promote therefore teaching them to accelerate their money instead of hoarding it.

Value Creation

Everything changes when you start viewing the road to prosperity in terms of the value you create for others – when you stop trying to merely make the most money you can without consideration of value, and gain ultimately clarity of where money comes from, how it is made and where you have the greatest opportunity to serve creating more dollars by following value. When our members alter their thinking in such a way, they’re far more successful and fulfilled. Now, apply this concept of value creation to financial planning and you will transform your portfolio and performance. When you understand where value is created by the companies or financial products in your portfolio, you’re far more likely to succeed.

Soul Purpose

We’re admittedly a little different at Freedom FastTrack. Unlike financial planners, we do take into consideration your purpose in life, and how aligning money, passion and knowledge will make you a much better investor and can improve everything. But that doesn’t mean we’re not all about the bottom-line and making you more money. Our members who realize their Soul Purpose figure out how to monetize it and guide their finances by it to almost always perform better. You can do the same.

Investing Close to Home

90% percent of people who invest do so in diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds they know little-to-nothing about. They do so because of the advice they receive from financial planners who make money when they buy them. But the small percentage of investors who are truly prosperous do so by investing in a completely different way. Most wildly successful investors invest in what they know. Successful investors invest “close to home.”

Cash Flow Leaks

Most people, no matter how much they make, are leaking and losing as much as 10% or more of their total income each month. And bleeding all of that money obviously has big affects on your lifestyle, the way you invest, and your ability to produce cash flow. Freedom FastTrack can help you locate and stop your cash flow leaks. The good news is that this has nothing to do with saving, sacrificing or delaying in order to have more money in the future. You are already making the money, we simply show you how to keep more of it.