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Soul Purpose

What’s Your Soul Purpose?

Beyond getting by, getting ahead, raising or supporting your family – what’s your reason for being? What are you supposed to be doing with your life? What would you be doing every day even if you didn’t get paid for it?

Pretty deep question, huh? It’s a question most of us won’t spend 15 minutes this week thinking about. It’s one of those questions we all put off because it’s difficult. Or kind of weird. Or uncomfortable.  Or we are waiting for the perfect amount of uninterrupted time to ponder this.  Which is probably why few of us have ever factored it into our financial planning.

At Freedom FastTrack, we believe the more you understand about real prosperity, and what investments really are and how they work (and don’t work), the more it will seem counter-productive not to factor your Soul Purpose into the financial decisions you make.

Why You Should Align Your Finances with Your Meaning

You’re a unique and special person with your own meaning and purpose. Which is why, if you’re like a lot of people, there are jobs that are more palatable to you than others. Jobs that harness your talents and make it easy for you to create a lot of real value – for yourself and others.

Most people, before ever thinking about their Soul Purpose, have had the idea that it would be great if some day they could make a living doing a job that made a real difference in something they cared about. But even if you don’t or can’t have a job that matches perfectly with what you’re all about, you could likely do a better job of aligning your finances with what you hold dear and in what you find meaning (your Soul Purpose).

To a large degree – that’s what Freedom FastTrack is all about: Aligning your financial decisions with your Soul Purpose to create an abundant and prosperous life increasing your wealth and reducing your financial risk simultaneously.

And What Sort of A Difference Would That Make?

  • To start, it might mean you make the best investment of all – an investment in yourself.
  • It would ensure you invested “closer to home” in things you were more passionate and more knowledgeable about.
  • It would generally engender wiser decisions made with more confidence – decisions more likely to accelerate your money and cash flow rather than hoarding it.
  • All of which would increase your sense of self-fulfillment, self-destiny, and overall sense of well-being along with your financial well-being…real wealth and prosperity.

So – are you making financial decisions that support your Soul Purpose or do you advisors give you boiler plate recommendations based upon products they sell and make money on?