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Value Creation

Value Creation

What is Value?

Most people believe that only material things have value, things like houses and cars. Using this logic, creating wealth means attaining and then hoarding these sorts of material things.

Yet no two people really value the same things equally. Because material things actually have no intrinsic value. Value is arbitrary, and emanates only from people. If I have a car, and you value it more than $10,000, and I value $10,000 more than the car, then an exchange of the car for the money is a winning situation for both us; but only because of our different ‘value’ opinions.

Value Creation

But what if we separate the concept of value from money and things material? Conceive instead that value is created when you serve another, or another serves you. If you work for someone else, you create value for them or their company, and they give you a paycheck in return. When someone works for you and delivers value, you pay them for their service.

Perhaps a better definition of value is this: value is something of worth or service that, when provided to another, creates real benefit for both parties.

Our ability to create value and benefit for others is a factor of our natural talents, our attitudes, our relationships, and our ability and willingness to invest and leverage our resources to accelerate our natural abilities. In other words, your most valuable tool for acquiring wealth is what you have to offer the world in service.

The reason your Soul Purpose is inextricable from real wealth creation is because that’s where you have been given the greatest talents, gifts, and abilities, and where you will enjoy your work the most. This is where you can create the greatest value for others with the least amount of perceived effort and the most amount of enjoyment and meaning.

If you think this is just philosophy, think again! Once you see value as created by individuals through service, you’ll stop investing in things and start investing in your own ability to actively create value. Nothing else could better eliminate your investment risk and increase your real monetary wealth. Most people can’t identify the value creation in their investments, and this is exactly what puts them at risk.

Closer to home, and even more fundamentally, the more you align your Soul Purpose with the service you are giving, the more you will live in abundance and achieve real prosperity. You’ll make more money because you’ll create more value for others.

Is your value creation aligned with what you care most about? In light of what you’ve just read, is your financial plan sound? Do you have the proper investment strategy?  Is it even your plan or one that was designed without regard to your Soul Purpose and driven by what a “financial advisor” thinks would be best for you, not really knowing what you truly want or are capable of?

Would you like to find out?

Perhaps the single greatest tool I have for creating instant value for my clients is my Cash Recovery Analysis. Begin with 10 Questions that have been boiled down and simplified from a lifetime of working in finance, hard-won lessons, and in-depth study. Once you’ve answered them and entered into your personal 1-on-1 over the phone meeting, you’ll gain instant insight into your financial picture in terms of:

  • How well you’re creating value for others,
  • Where you’re paying for others to serve you, and
  • Where you’re squandering your cash flow through loss and leaks.

Learn the details of our Cash Recovery Analysis here, or feel free to call our office direct to ask about it at: 1-800-400-8385.