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Killing Sacred Cows Killing Sacred Cows Book

You don’t have to wait thirty years to prosper…

…you can be wealthy and successful today by embracing the revolutionary perspective of personal finance detailed in Killing Sacred Cows by Garrett Gunderson with Stephen Palmer.

As an established expert in the financial services industry, Garrett Gunderson realized that pervasive and destructive money myths were holding many people hostage. With a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom, he wrote this penetrating book to expose the myths and provide a refreshing alternative to the worn-out, predictable advice touted in the media and from traditional financial planners. Not surprisingly, many other experts concur with Garrett’s bold advice.

In a book that Publishers Weekly compares to the classic Think & Grow Rich and calls “thought-provoking, fresh, eye-opening and emboldening,” scores of readers are learning how to unleash their potential and prosper in ways they never thought possible.

“Killing Sacred Cows strikes at financial dogma’s very foundation, revealing basic truths that will empower you to educate yourself and help maximize your potential. Embracing courage, strength, passion, and vision, Garrett teaches you how to confront reality and change restricting paradigms to live your purpose now.”

–Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust

In Killing Sacred Cows, Stephen and many others have discovered the following illuminating truths and more:

  • A 401(k) is not the “safe” and “smart” plan that you have been told it is; in fact, it’s an extremely risky investment for most people.
    Killing Sacred Cows teaches you how to create safer investments that are collateralized, cash-flowing, controllable, and aligned with your expertise, passion, and purpose.
  • Conventional retirement planning strategies, techniques and products are probably keeping you from the retirement you really want.
    You can maximize the productivity of your resources, reduce risk, and retire well with the right education and a proper macroeconomic plan.
  • Net worth is a poor indicator of wealth and your ability to retire well.
    What matters is cash flow, and this book will teach you how to develop it.
  • Debt may not be what you think it is.
    Learn the proper definition of debt and how this understanding can immediately increase your prosperity.
  • “High risk equals high returns” is dangerous dogma.
    Learn how to increase your returns and reduce your risk through smart, value-based investing.

Killing Sacred Cows is a must-read for mission-driven individuals who

  • want to learn the rules that the truly wealthy live by.
  • question common financial assumptions and teachings.
  • mistrust the follow-the-herd mentality.
  • desire a purposeful, passionate and prosperous life.

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