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Cash Recovery Analysis

Cash Recovery Analysis

With FastTrack we have a philosophy of value creation at the core of all we do. In other words, we want to create value for you first. That is exactly why we start by offering you a one-on-one consultation to discover where you may be leaking money.

On average, people we work with are losing $2,884 per month in cash flow and don’t even realize it. With your cash recovery analysis you will be receiving a one-on-one consultation call to help you identify if you are leaking money with your cash flow or any of the other major mistakes being made by too many people.

The great news is that you don’t have to gather and send us all your private financial documents, give us your social security number, or do much preparation in order for this to be an effective call.

Remember, we want to create value for you first, so there is no obligation to work with us and no sales pitch. This is a chance for us to ask questions to discover the areas of greatest importance and concern for you financially and discover where there may be inefficiencies.

Because we have a real human being that will be on the phone with you, this is completely customized to your situation. No scripts, just questions to uncover areas that can be improved without sacrifice, scrimping or taking more money from you each month.


However, after the call, you may elect to find out how we can support you in implementing the strategies to recover this cash in the most concise manner saving you time and adding clarity and simplicity to your life.  We happen to have a program for that!  If you would like, after your analysis we can set you up with one of our enrollment specialists (sales guys/gals) to discuss our tuition based, implementation based,  and results based program that would apply to your situation. Watch the video to learn more:

This analysis is a critical step for both of us.  It is essential that we only allow people to become members that we know we can provide the proper value for and fully guarantee the result.  It is not important that you have a certain net worth, but it is preferred that you own a business and have a revenue of $240,000 or much more.

Plus, this is NOT for the meek of heart or the uncommitted.

Powerfully changing your relationship to money and prosperity is like improving any other relationship: your results are directly related to your commitment.

Are you committed?

If I was to call my wife while speaking out on the road and say, “Honey, I just want you to know how much I love you. In fact, I’m so in love that I’m 80% committed to our marriage.” How do you think that would go over?

Exactly. You can almost hear the SMACK right through the phone.

Your finances are the same way. You cannot just be interested in making them work.

You must be committed to make the necessary changes to get the results that you desire. Information is one thing, true insight and understanding another, but neither will change your life without action. If you’re not willing to DO what it takes to change your financial life – to be coachable and held accountable – then 1-on-1 programs and my offer of a free cash flow analysis isn’t the right place for you.  We cannot care more about your money and prosperity than you do, so make sure if you schedule a meeting, you keep it.  That is the true cost of this complimentary consult, you keep your word and your appointment.

Take Action Now!

I have trained a specialized team who’s ENTIRE JOB is to help you become more powerful and successful with your finances and your life. But they’ll only work with individuals who are 100% committed to making it happen.

To see how the Cash Recovery Analysis is impacting lives, read testimonials from our members.

Just give us your contact info (including phone number so my team can contact you directly) and I’ll guarantee you a financial analysis that’ll bring you insight as where you are leaking hundreds to thousands of dollars per month – or call the FastTrack office directly at 1-800-400-8385 .