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One-on-One Programs

One-on-One: Implement – Benefit!

Get 1-on-1 Education, Support, Accountability and move the implementation of this life-changing program OFF your to-do list and onto the “already creating benefit for me”

Our FastTrack team works off the same principles we teach – in other words, we eat our own cooking. So creating value isn’t a catch-phrase for us; it’s how we approach our relationship to you and how our team gets compensated.

After meeting with you, analyzing your finances, and working to construct your life and Soul Purpose  with your financial blueprint, our team (Results Facilitators, Financial Architects, and Soul Purpose Advocates) will work with you to set your Financial objectives and benchmarks.

Then they’ll connect you directly to a network of vetted professionals to implement your plan and rather than get compensated on products and commissions, your FastTrack team make money with their ability to supporting you in meeting your objectives and the financial blueprint benchmarks. In a very real sense of the word, YOU set the benchmarks for success.

And as of now, here’s how we’re performing against those benchmarks:

  • More than 3/4 of all member benchmarks are reached within the alloted timeline.
  • 95% of our members would recommend our one-on-one program to a friend or family member.
  • 98% of members increase their earnings to more than pay for their program.

Now meeting member benchmarks is only average. Motivated members are hitting all of their benchmarks and then some.

So, yes, you still have things to do on your end. And the FastTrack program itself is a commitment of time. But if you are willing to be coachable and held accountable, our team  and the Accredited Network financial professionals will take most of the heavy lifting off your shoulders and accelerate your implementation progress to warp speed (saving you countless hours over your lifetime).

In fact, their ENTIRE JOB is to help you become more powerful and successful with your finances and your life. Most of their salary comes from bonuses and your success is the entire basis of meeting those bonuses.

So What Is The One-on-One Program Really Like?

We like to think that our team provides the kind of estate planning and level of custom-tailored financial services normally reserved for people worth 50million or more. Except we do it for the determined and the courageous rather merely for the the ultra-rich.

So here’s what you’ll experience as you become a Freedom FastTrack member:

  • In the first 12-Weeks, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of your objectives and immediate action to plug your current cash flow leaks and areas of financial risk. Your coach will also begin helping you find, define, and articulate your Soul Purpose.
  • From 12-16 Weeks, you’ll plan financial objectives and benchmarks around improving your finances, reviewing all of your insurances, implementing FastTrack principles, and bringing your finances in line with your Soul Purpose. We call this creating your financial blueprint.
  • From 16-24 Weeks, implementation begins in earnest along with your financial education. It’s at this point that members of The Accredited Network are often brought in to provide the in-depth, niche-specific knowledge and services to ensure absolute rigor in the details of your finances. You’ll really start seeing major impacts in your life at this point in terms of transforming your felt prosperity and energy levels.
  • By 24 Weeks and beyond, you’ll feel like you’re progressing at warp speed and that perhaps your head is going to explode from all of the new financial insights you’ve gained and put into place within your life. Ultimately, our goal is to teach and mentor ourselves out of a job – to make you independent of us forfinancial implementation. Members who stay with us year after year do so for our culture and ability to accelerate their Soul Purpose.
  • From 24-52 Weeks, you’re continuing to knock off the benchmarks and it’s smooth sailing, enjoying the increasing momentum of the hard work that has done in the first few months. There’s just nothing like knowing that your finances are not only rock solid, but that your life and finances are in perfect alignment and integrity with each other.

What Are The Real Benefits of Membership?

So the financial benefits are obvious. For perhaps the first time in your life, you’ll get financial planning and advice coming from people who don’t make their living selling products (and are motivated to make the sale), but who make their living on the immediate and long-term quality of their advice.

After 52 Weeks, then what?

This is the over-riding benefit of being part of a tuition-based financial program and having access to The Accredited Network.  With our Lifetime membership, at a low 97 dollars a month, you also receive:

  • A 50% discount on all Freedom FastTrack products.
  • Preferred access on everything we do.
  • Complementary quarterly calls/check-ins and access to any FastTrack team member.
  • Full credit for every monthly payment towards any other One-on-One programs like Soul Purpose or Business FastTrack.
  • A print newsletter

Although these offer tremendous value and are an inherent part of membership, ultimately, our incredibly high renewals and long-term members don’t stay for the financial aspect of Freedom FastTrack. We simply work too hard to make them financially independent to need us for more than a year.

Ultimately, long-term members stay because membership accelerates their ability to fulfill and live their Soul Purpose. And, they stay because they find an invaluable source of real community with other members who are also pursuing their Soul Purpose with 100% energy and enthusiasm.

Does This Sound Like You?

So if that kind of  service is what you’d like, we should talk. Obviously, 1-on-1  isn’t an off-the-shelf product. We don’t “sell” this online, and frankly, it’s in both our best interests to make sure this is the best fit for you. So if you’re interested, please email me by clicking on the Get On The FastTrack button or call my office direct at 800-400-8385 .

And if you’re intersted in a half-step, introduction to 1-on-1 coaching, we suggest trying our Cash Recovery. You’ll experience the kind of financial analysis and insight as well as coaching help and interaction at no obligation to you. It’s a great program and a spectacular introduction to our 1-on-1 program. In fact, most of our Freedom FastTrack members come in through this program.